567whp/414trq - Stock LS head

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567whp/414trq - Stock LS head

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Made some awesome power tonight. Not too concerned about the actual number, seemed like other cars to be on target for a dynojet. 84mm Benson Sleeved B18B 9:1 CP pistons, Eagle rods, ACL bearings, stock crank Stock PR4 head, Crower 404 cams and springs/retainers Go-Autoworks ramhorn, STC 62mm Reaper PTE 1000cc injectors, Walbro 400, E85 27lbs of boost Fuel is maxed. Injectors are at 120% calculated at a base pressure of 60psi. Still not kinda happy about how unsmooth it is uptop. AFR's were 11.6-11.8 the entire time until 7700 when it crept up to 12.3's because the injectors are out of steem. Could be time for more ignition. Car is 100% street tuned by myself. Image Image Image Image

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great numbers! Thanks for posting the graph too. Gives a good view on the tune.
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