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D15B2 + MPFI + D16Z6 Head = MiniMe = 135.4hp

Posted: Fri Oct 21, 2011 1:16 pm
by 1337EJ1
Hi ! I built an MiniMe with one friend. Here is the setup: EDM D15B2 (1.5i 90hp DualPoint) Multipoint Converted (From EDM D15B7) D16Z6 Head Stock D15Z1 Timing for Belt SuperSprint Header 4-2-1 50mm Headerback SuperSprint 10.25:1 NO TUNE AT THIS DAY ! Just P28 Rom + P08 Map But eCtuned really soon (This Month) I will post the Dyno with eCtune too ;) VTEC is at 4800 but we lower it to 4200 now. In red: Crank Power In Blue: Wheel Power Image Image