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Bugermass wrote:I wonder whats so different about our tuning strategies that requires me to use smaller plug gaps due to missfires. Its not just me its other tuners here as well, its very common to have .18 to .22 gaps..
I dunno...but generally I find most of my misfires are caused by something else other than the gap size, hell I would guess that even a battery voltage drop of .5v would cause issues like that as well.
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Most of the cars I do are 16+ PSI .. Even the stock motors, we almost always put 3bars on them and shoot for like 350-450 depending if its built or stock.. I guess that plus I tune conservativly (more boost/more fuel/less timing) far from MBT, so my tunes are probably more prone to missfires. I'm a bit less conservative on built motors, but I get alot more stockers so I just got in the habbit of gapping to .020 right from the get go cause I know anything over like 16-18 PSI is gonna break up on the top end.. theres been a couple cars where I've had to go .018 or .016 .. Probably weak ignitions. Anyways, interesting stuff.
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very good stuff

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Bugermass wrote:Just run 8s and you'll be good.. they won't foul out, and it won't hur tto have a bit colder plug in there.. I'd recommend NGK 4554s
Good piece of advice. I've got an ITR dc2 and have fitted 4554 plugs. It perfectly works. It's NA with all bolt's on. Reading the plugs reveals the heat range perfectly matches the engine. Most people are surprised when I tell them I use 8' heat range, it's just 1 step colder.

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I've been rolling with 7's , .28 gap on a stock ls, little baby gT2560r, 17lbs made 283 whp. No breakup issues even with turbo spiking to 22lbs at first. Lots of track time. AFRs in the mid 11's. 15deg at 18lbs.

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BRMS wrote:I did some comparisons today: Using NGK 7173 8 Heat Range Gap .30 @ 19psi 440 / 290 (new plugs) Gap .25 @ 19psi 415 / 276 2nd pass Gap .22 @ 19psi 396 / 297 3rd pass Gap .25 @ 25psi 487 / 342 4th pass Using NGK 4554 8 Heat Range Gap .30 @ 19psi 466 / 316 5th pass (new plugs) Gap .28 @ 19psi 449 / 312 6th pass Gap .28 @ 25psi 538 / 382 7th pass Gap .27 @ 19psi 427 / 287 8th pass Gap .27 @ 25psi 542 / 392 9th pass Gap .25 @ 19psi 427 / 294 10th pass Gap .25 @ 25psi 512 / 344 11th pass coolant temps @ 190-200 Degz.
do you have try Heat range 9?

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