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Right or wrong way?

Posted: Thu Aug 19, 2010 6:54 pm
by jerseydevil
I\"m sure the answer might be there is no right or wrong way to tune, just better and worse ways. (if there really is a right way i'd love to know). Tell me if what we did was totally wrong. First, I loaded up the base map onto the demon, setup my setup the wideband serial datalog stuff and started up the car. This was after I had warmed it up running on teh stock chips. First thing I noticed was that it was running really lean.. about 17:1 while it was idling there. Went into injector tool setup, and adjust the injectors with the plus button until it read 14.7ish. I needed a 6% injector trim to get there. We set out target afr overlay for 13:0:1 in the overlay section across all loads. (this info came from blundar on in an old post) I also had to set the afr overlay to record/upate in gear zero, cause with out it for some reason it would erase all my recorded afr readings after a pull in second when I stopped someplace to look them over. As long as I was in second it was good.. take it out of second and it blanked otu the data.. was really annoying.. but check gear 0 seemed to stop that. So we then used the suggested % increase/decrease from the overlay to adjust the tables, this got us pretty near the 13 we were shooting for. (only wish i knew for certain 13 was a good number to target) The curves overal didn't look too bad, we had a rather large spike @2k and a dip @3k. The rest of the curve looked pretty smooth. A general decrease in fuel over all (maybe cause wrong gear to tune and the base injector trim we applied to get it to idle? I don't know) At the moment we had vtec disabled and we were only tuning the low cam. Comments on what we did right or wrong would be GREATLY appreciated.